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Why Join RUN Alumni?

  • To foster good relationship between the Association members and The Redeemer’s University;
  • To encourage members of the Association to take active interest in the life of The Redeemer’s University at all levels, at local, national and international level;
  • To assist in furthering the philosophy, aims and objectives of The Redeemer’s University;
  • To aid The Redeemer’s University in its future development both in an advisory and financial capacity;
  • To facilitate and support meetings and interactions among members of the Association;
  • To sponsor social and professional activities of the Association;
  • To serve as an official link of information between the University and the Association;
  • To cater for the legitimate interest of the association and its members and to be committed to the advancement of the association and its members;
  • To provide an avenue by which members might advise on policies on academics and other matters;