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Membership Criteria

There shall be three categories of members which are:

Regular Members:

All graduates of the Redeemer's University;


Active Members:

All members who have paid their dues up to date and also participate in the activities of the association. This entitles these members to all privileges including voting. Only Active Members may hold any office or position in the Association.


Honorary Members

The Honorary Members include:
  • The Vice-Chancellor of the Redeemer's University
  • The Dean of the Colleges and;
  • Such other persons who are not Alumni of the University but have contributed immensely to the programmes of the Association or the development of The Redeemer's University and on whom honorary memberships of the Association have been conferred.
  • Any member who does not wish to be a member of the association ceases to be a member provided that person has informed the Registrar of the Redeemer's University and the secretary of the association in writing.